The APV Water Desalination Unit type H-CE is a fresh water generator for desalination of seawater for production of potable and fresh utility water; used for installation on board ships and rigs.

Working principle

The vessel with evaporator and condenser is evacuated to -0,93 bar by the seawater-driven ejector. At this pressure, the seawater to be distilled enters the evaporator where it evaporates at approx. 44°C - 49°C when passing the plates heated by the heating medium - typically hot water (engine jacket water) at 75°C - 90°C. 

The steam leaves the evaporator through the open side of the plate pack and passes through a demister, where any carryover drops are separated for re-circulation, and then enters the condenser positioned above. The clean vacuum steam is condensed into freshwater by circulating cold water on the other side. 

The freshwater is pumped to the freshwater tank, passing a sensor connected to the salinometer. If the salinity is higher than the pre-set reference value the solenoid valve is activated and the fl ow is directed back for re-production.