Whey Micro-particulation.

To meet the increasing demand from consumers for low fat, highly functional, highly nutritional foods, APV has recently launched LeanCreme™ one of its most successful separation technologies ever. 

The APV LeanCreme™ process is based on the APV Shear Agglomerator (ASA), which is a groundbreaking technology associating simultaneous heat denaturation of the protein and the formation of micro-particles of protein under controlled high shear. The synergy between heat and shear brings a new functional dimension to whey protein concentrates. 

The resulting product - named LeanCreme™ after its process of preparation - has the high nutritional quality of whey protein concentrates combined with an enhanced functionality. This makes it the ideal starting ingredient for a wide array of innovative and proprietary low fat recipes such as low fat cheeses; fermented milk products; desserts; yogurt drinks; ice creams and spreads.

APV LeanCreme™ Products :

  • TOP/TS : 28; 35; 50; 60; 70; 80
  • LeanCreme™ Neutral from sweet whey and WPC
  • LeanCreme™ Lactic from lactic acid whey, fermented sweet whey, lactic acidified sweet whey or WPC
  • LeanCreme™ Acid from casein whey, acidified sweet whey or WPC
  • LeanCreme™ Plus from whey combined with milk fat or vegetable oil
  • LeanCreme™ Mix from whey combined with casein