Product Type: CONTROL UNITS Control CU4 with AS-Interface

With the APV DELTA CU4 AS-interface control unit you can improve your process profitability. This network connects sensors and actuators quickly, simply and at low cost. Cabling requirements are reduced to only one cable with two conductors, eliminating the risk of wiring mistakes. The cable transmits the signal and provides the component with power.

The APV DELTA CU4 AS-interface is a standardised network system that is supported by leading companies. Apart from the SPX valves, all sensors, actuators, and analogue measuring transmitters equipped with an AS-interface can be directly connected to the AS-i network. The APV DELTA CU4 AS-interface can easily be integrated into networks such as Sinec-2/ET200, Interbus-S, Profibus, DeviceNet, CAN-Bus, Modbus, RS485, RS422, or RS232C.

APV DELTA CU4 AS-interface is designed for flexibility and process profitability. 

  • No additional field wiring
  • Standard bus-system
  • No dependence on single or specific suppliers
  • Additional sensors and actuators can easily be connected
  • AS-i master for various PLCs available
  • Rapid connection to the bus
  • Low costs
  • Installed valves can be retrofitted with the APV DELTA CU4 AS-interface